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You can NOW hear our show Witch-Hunts, Heresy and Human Rights,
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"It’s been called “Gendercide,” and “Femicide” (the witch-hunts that begin in the 1400’s and went on for nearly three centuries). Approximately 80% of those accused and convicted of witchcraft were female and the relationship of “witch-hunting” to “woman-hunting” seems well-founded -- as does the conclusion that the witch-hunts were “sex-related” and “sex-specific.”

“Anyone who thinks that witchcraft belongs only to our past and imaginations should think again. Witch-hunts still claim thousands of women every year. Witch-hunts in South Africa have become “a national scourge. Witchcraft-related problems have been reported within the past year in Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and Saudi Arabia. Recently in Uganda, a proposed law to execute homosexual women and men sounds like modern witch-hunting to me.(-Marilyn Campbell)

"The way to stop ignorance is to educate and empower. “

What do you think about the witch-hunting theme?

Tell us about books you've read.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feminist Lens Contributors

The Feminist Lens "Witch-hunts" Show Contributor’s Websites

Marilyn Campbell:
Jamie O’Reilly:
Sara Paretsky:
Anne Hills:
Joyce Piven & Maya Friedler, Piven Theatre Workshop:
Milos Stehlik:
Michael Smith:
Paul Amandes:


SARA PARETSKY, Author, Essayist, is the award-winning creator of the V I Warshawski
detective novels. She has a PhD in American History and an MBA from the University of
Chicago. Sara has received numerous awards, including the Diamond Dagger for Lifetime
achievement from the British Crime Writers Association, the Gold Dagger for best novel for
her book Blacklist, and the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from several different
universities. Sara's books have been translated into almost thirty languages. Sara has a
passion for social justice and founded Sisters in Crime in 1986 to support women readers and
writers in the mystery world. She was a guest on Women’s Media feminism today
launch in November 2009, and can be heard on WMG podcasts.

MILOS STEHLIK, Film Historian, is cofounder and director of Facets Multimedia, a major
media arts center in Chicago. Since 1975, he's been responsible for Facets's public programs,
including daily screenings of foreign and independent films and videos and the national
distribution of films and videotapes. In addition to lecturing about film at area universities
and colleges, Milos has served on the juries of the Chicago International Film Festival, the
Great Lakes Film Festival, and the Illinois Filmmakers Festival. Milos is a regular contributor
to Worldview on Chicago Public Radio. More about Facets, visit

ANNE HILLS, Singer-Songwriter, Poet
Rising out of the Chicago folk community, Anne gained national recognition in the early
1980s as a vocal chameleon, and as a writer of poetic precision. She is regularly heard on
WFMT’s The Midnight Special. She will be the featured performer on Folkstage on June
5She is a singer/songwriter of superb clarity and pure tone who has made her reputation in
both folk music and theater circles. Anne has a Masters Degree in Social Work, is a licensed
therapist and published poet, whose commitment to social justice is evident in all her work.
Anne wrote the theme and Fired Up for Women’s Media Group. A recording artist
and musical producer, with dozens of recordings to her credit. Anne is also the recipient
many awards including the WFMA 2002 Kate Wolf Memorial Award, The Kerrville Music
Foundation’s Outstanding Female Vocalist of the Year Award (1997), a Parents’ Choice
Award, and she won a WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Award) for "best traditional folk
recording" in 2001, with long-time friend Tom Paxton. Anne tours, collaborates and records
with some of the finest performers on the folk circuit. She has performed theater in Chicago,
Philadelphia and beyond. Her most recent CD is "Point of View".

Playwright, Actress, Commentator/Writer is a published playwright,
award-wining actress and co-founder of the Writer’s Theatre in Glencoe, Illinois. Her co-
adaptation with Curt Columbus of "Crime and Punishment" won Chicago’s 2003 Joseph
Jefferson Award for "Best New Adaptation" and was subsequently published by both Tri-
Quarterly Magazine (Northwestern University Press) and Dramatic Publishing. Since its
publication, "Crime and Punishment" has enjoyed over 30 productions across the country
including: Orlando Shakespeare Festival (where it was Awarded Top Pick at the Harriett
Festival of New Plays), 59E59 Street Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse, Berkeley Repertory,
Cleveland Play House, Indiana Rep, Intiman Theater, Actors Theater of Louisville, Repertory
Theater of St. Louis and 9 productions in California where, in 2009, it was nominated by the
L.A. Drama Critics Circle and won an L.A. Backstage Garland Award, both for "Best New
Adaptation." Other full length plays include: My Own Stranger, a co-adaptation based on
the writings of poet, Anne Sexton, which premiered at the Provincetown Playhouse in New
York and was awarded a Villager Downtown Theatre Award as one of the Outstanding
Productions of the 1981 Off Broadway Season. My Own Stranger was subsequently
produced at Writers’ Theatre in 1994 (dir. by Michael Halberstam) and again in 2003 (dir.
by Kate Buckley); The Beats, based on the writings of the 1950’s beat poets, produced at
Writers’ Theater and featuring David Cromer as Allen Ginsberg, which Andrew Patner named
as one of the outstanding productions of the 1997 Chicago theatre season; and The Gospel
According to Mark Twain, a co-adaptation based on the later writings of Mark Twain, which
had its world premiere at the Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently Ms.
Campbell is under commission from the Writers’ Theatre working a new retelling of Mary
Shelley’s Frankenstein entitled The Monster’s Lullaby. In 2009, she also co-authored and
performed in an original comedic work with her daughter, Maria Merrin, entitled Mixing It
Up which was part of The Words and Motion Festival at the 16th Street Theater in Berwyn,
directed by Ann Filmer.

MAYA FRIEDLER Executive Producer/Commentator/Writer
An independent radio and video producer, Maya Friedler produced "ISA: The People's
Diva," a documentary film for public television on the life and music of Isa Kremer.
Distributed by Women Make Movies, the film was be screened in Women's Media
Group's Global Sisterhood Film Series at Facets Multimedia, in January and is being
expanded for DVD distribution. She was producer and moderator of the
WBEZ public affairs programs, "Talk-In" and "Public Report", which collectively ran for
ten years. She appeared in "What Dreams May Come: American Visions Through Jewish
Eyes", at the Piven Theatre in Evanston, directed by Joyce Piven. Maya is an ensemble
member at the Piven Theatre, and has been seen in "Eurydice", "Collected Stories" and
"Great Expectations". She was dramaturgy for their production of Gogel's "The
Overcoat". She has also appeared with the Shattered Globe and Bailiwick theatres. A
lifelong political activist, Maya was a legislative aid for IL State Representative Esther
Saperstein, ran as an alternate delegate for Eugene McCarthy, and served as a meeting
organizer for Women for Peace. Maya was featured in the book "Feminists Who
Changed America: 1963-1975". Hear Maya on the WMG podcasts:

JAMIE O'REILLY Creative Director/Producer/Writer
A strong force in the Chicago area arts arena for over 25 years, Jamie is a critically
acclaimed vocalist, cultural arts producer, consultant, writer, blogger, teaching artist and
lifelong social justice activist. She is the owner of J. O'Reilly Productions, a cultural arts and
PR agency. Jamie is a guest speaker and advisor to arts and humanities organizations, and a
registered arts consultant with the IL Arts Council. Jamie developed courses for emerging
and freelance artists at Columbia College Arts Management/Portfolio Departments, taught at
the artScape at Harold Washington College/Gallery 37, and now teaches privately.
She performs as a concert soloist, and with the Jamie O'Reilly Trio.

Jamie’s recordings are heard on radio and internationally on BBC radio.
Jamie and musical arranger/collaborator Michael Smith, have created 5 musical pieces
and recordings, including, "Hello Dali: From the Sublime to the Surreal",
which received two After Dark Awards, during Victory Gardens Theater's Tony-winning
season. Their current musical project is "SONGPAINTING", a musical cousin to ‘Dali’.
In 2007, Jamie produced "Imperfect Balance\, Creating Art Out of Trauma",
for the Women's Arts Series Connective. She directed "Tying Up Loose Ends:
Perspectives on Hospice," with hospice nurse/writer Catherine Gallogly.
Music from Jamie's recording "Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War",
(recorded at WFMT Studios), is heard in the film "Into the Fire:
Women in the Spanish Civil War". Jamie hosts The Roots Salon at her Chicago home.

CAT JARBOE Audio Producer
Cat Jarboe has been in broadcasting on the fringe and in the fray since 1987. A full-time
Sound Engineer, Producer, Media Editor and Independent Journalist, Cat cut her teeth on
community and commercial radio in Nebraska during her high school and college days.
At the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, she received her B.S. in Journalism. She
moved to Chicago 13 years ago and co-founded the ensemble theatre group The Billy
Goat Experiment, which recently appeared in the 20th Annual Rhinofest. Cat is still an active
a writer and performer with the ensemble and has a diverse resume of original work and
installations. She has also produced a number of original radio serials and is currently
producing an on-line variety show combining sketches and music. Cat contributes written on-
line journals and interviews focusing on healthcare in Illinois and across the nation. As part of
the Illinois Media Progressives team, Cat combines her written work with audio and video
production to create a dynamic vehicle for sharing information with on-line activists. She is
currently working with Truman College creating videos for their website. Cat worked with
activist Donna Smith from the documentary "SICKO" to produce an on-line series of health
care updates and action forums. Cat assisted Rep. Mary Flowers in organizing and publicizing
a series of statewide public hearings on health care. Cat was Chief Engineer at CRIS Radio at
the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind for over 12 years.

Witch-Hunts, Heresy & Human Rights - program notes

Listen to The Feminist Lens


Written by Marilyn Campbell, Maya Friedler and Jamie O'Reilly
A Production of Women's Media Group Chicago
Cat Jarboe, Audio Producer
THE FEMINIST LENS Program Selections Witch-hunts, Heresy & Human Rights
Commentary* by Maya Friedler
Poem: Her Kind by Anne Sexton, performed by Marilyn Campbell
Song: Joan of Arc by Leonard Cohen
From Scarlet Confessions, recorded at WFMT Folkstage by
Jamie O’Reilly, Michael Smith, Anne Hills and Paul Amandes
Interview: Sara Paretsky and reading from her book Bleeding Kansas
Monologue: the Chaplain from St. Joan, by George Bernard Shaw,
Performed by Paul Amandes, from Scarlet Confessions
Scene: from Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill
Performed by Maya Friedler & Joyce Piven
Interview: Milos Stehlik, film contributor from Facets Multimedia
The Witches Hammer excerpts, Otakar Vávra, Director
Song: Pendle Hill, written and performed by Anne Hills
Commentary on the book Daughters of the Witching Hill, by Mary Sharratt
Commentary: Witch-hunts today
Song: Avelo, (Son egal) by Tarika from Madagascar

This program was produced in cooperation with Steve Robinson
And Peter Whorf, WFMT Fine Arts Radio.
*Diann DeWeese Smith and Maya
produced the Talk-In radio program broadcast from the Chicago Loop YWCA in the ‘60s & ‘70s.

The Malleus Maleficarum, published in Europe in 1485, (The Witches Hammer)
is quoted throughout the program. Musical excerpts from Otakar Vávra’s Czech film The Witches Hammer, are heard throughout as well.

NEWS. Read more about witch-hunts today.

FILM. About The Witches Hammer, and other films at Facets:

"A riveting and often disturbing dramatization of the deadly witch hunts that plagued
Czechoslovakia in the late 17th century from acclaimed director Otakar Vavra. A ruthless
inquisitor is called out of retirement by the church to investigate allegations of heresy. Driven
by greed and bloodlust, he finds cause to accuse anyone he wishes of witchcraft, leading to the
brutal torture and deaths of hundreds of people….Czechoslovakia---1969."

Sara Paretsky Bleeding Kansas,

Mary Sharratt Daughters of the Witching Hill

AND The Pendle Witches:

(See more about contributors)