Saturday, May 8, 2010

Witch-Hunts, Heresy & Human Rights - program notes

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Written by Marilyn Campbell, Maya Friedler and Jamie O'Reilly
A Production of Women's Media Group Chicago
Cat Jarboe, Audio Producer
THE FEMINIST LENS Program Selections Witch-hunts, Heresy & Human Rights
Commentary* by Maya Friedler
Poem: Her Kind by Anne Sexton, performed by Marilyn Campbell
Song: Joan of Arc by Leonard Cohen
From Scarlet Confessions, recorded at WFMT Folkstage by
Jamie O’Reilly, Michael Smith, Anne Hills and Paul Amandes
Interview: Sara Paretsky and reading from her book Bleeding Kansas
Monologue: the Chaplain from St. Joan, by George Bernard Shaw,
Performed by Paul Amandes, from Scarlet Confessions
Scene: from Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill
Performed by Maya Friedler & Joyce Piven
Interview: Milos Stehlik, film contributor from Facets Multimedia
The Witches Hammer excerpts, Otakar Vávra, Director
Song: Pendle Hill, written and performed by Anne Hills
Commentary on the book Daughters of the Witching Hill, by Mary Sharratt
Commentary: Witch-hunts today
Song: Avelo, (Son egal) by Tarika from Madagascar

This program was produced in cooperation with Steve Robinson
And Peter Whorf, WFMT Fine Arts Radio.
*Diann DeWeese Smith and Maya
produced the Talk-In radio program broadcast from the Chicago Loop YWCA in the ‘60s & ‘70s.

The Malleus Maleficarum, published in Europe in 1485, (The Witches Hammer)
is quoted throughout the program. Musical excerpts from Otakar Vávra’s Czech film The Witches Hammer, are heard throughout as well.

NEWS. Read more about witch-hunts today.

FILM. About The Witches Hammer, and other films at Facets:

"A riveting and often disturbing dramatization of the deadly witch hunts that plagued
Czechoslovakia in the late 17th century from acclaimed director Otakar Vavra. A ruthless
inquisitor is called out of retirement by the church to investigate allegations of heresy. Driven
by greed and bloodlust, he finds cause to accuse anyone he wishes of witchcraft, leading to the
brutal torture and deaths of hundreds of people….Czechoslovakia---1969."

Sara Paretsky Bleeding Kansas,

Mary Sharratt Daughters of the Witching Hill

AND The Pendle Witches:

(See more about contributors)

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