Friday, December 11, 2009


"It must be an art for the great mass of people." -Isa Kremer

Women's Media Group & Facets Multimedia Present
Isa: The People's Diva, chronicling the remarkable,
complex life & artistic legacy of a singular performer and activist

Facets Multimedia
Monday, January 18, 7:00 PM
1517 W. Fullerton, Chicago
$10. Donation
(PH) 773. 281-9075 ext 4 box office
Advance tickets online after Dec 15,
Women's Media Info (PH) 312. 458-0822
A Film Ffrom Women Make Movies

"Here was a person whose life in the 20th century encompassed and reflected some of the greatest
and worst moments, tragedies and triumphs of the human soul...
and yet she continued...
to be true to her beliefs and to continue to create art.
If this isn't a lesson about the power of the arts,
I don't know what is."
(-Babette Inglehart)

ISA KREMER's life was marked by a fierce talent, independent mind and firm determination.
Her passion was Yiddish music - birthed in the kitchens in Russia.
The language of the lullabies mothers sang to their children. Isa was the first woman to bring
Yiddish songs to the world concert stage, and an incredible singer in 24 languages.
The documentary chronicles her life through footage, photos, and interviews with those who knew her.
Isa: The People's Diva profiles her remarkable career through five decades of turbulent world history
in a remarkable number of cities including Belz, Odessa, Constantinople, Berlin and Paris

Don't miss this film, produced by Lois Barr and WMG's Maya Friedler.
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