Friday, December 11, 2009

Meet Our WMG Friends in the Blogesphere

Jamie O'Reilly here, WMG's Creative Director & Communications-Go-to-gal.
I'll be posting our updates and WMG News.

Meet Our Friends in the Blogesphere
Anne Elizabeth Moore was on our GLOBAL SISTERHOOD panel.
Anne - an unstoppable force of nature, is all-over the Blogesphere. Read Her:

In winter of 2007/2008, Culture Critic, Blogger and Artist
Anne Elizabeth Moore began a collaboration with 30 some young
women college students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
She lived in their dorm, taught self-publishing, and initiated an
international dialogue about human rights and
young women in developing nations. The women created 'zines,
and wrote hand-bound books, rewriting the longstanding moral code of girl law,
now "New Girl Law." Anne returns in December to continue this
work during a time of tremendous need. She'll see a second dormitory opened,
(One of only 2 'safe havens' of this type, in a country of over 8 million!)

Meet Molly Bires. This young woman has a handle on what floats the
boat of emerging feminists, and writes about it - fast & furiously.
Hear Molly on some of our podcasts (
asking our guests the BIG questions. You go girl!

(Molly: We'll be chatting about her identifying with Janis Joplin)
Check Molly out:

AND read my Cultural Arts Blogs @


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